Children Missed class policy (sessions):
• We allow 2 make ups per session for any reason
• Make up should be made within two weeks of missed class (before or after missed class)
• Regular class policies apply to make up classes. If you miss a make up class without notice, you will not be able to do a make up
• There must be an e-mail or text sent at least 24 hours prior to the missed class. We would like to utilize each open spot in the classes for make ups.
• Classes can not be transferred to a new session. It is Parent’s responsibility to schedule a make up class at the time of canceling a class

Student drop off and pick up
Please be on time when arriving for the class. If you are early wait while previous class is getting ready to leave. Every class is dismissed on time. When picking up your child arrive 5 min before the end of the class.If you like to see what your child is working on or if you have questions for the teacher, please arrive 10 to 15 min earlier to allow sometime before the end of the class. Once children have left their classroom with their parent/guardian or designated transporter, they are the responsibility of that adult both inside and outside of the building.

Students who wish to withdraw from a semester, camp or workshop will receive a full refund upon receipt of written notification up to one week prior to the start of a class, camp or workshop minus a $50 handling fee.

4-week workshop refunds. After the first week of class, students will receive a prorated refund minus an additional $25 handling fee. After the second week of classes no refunds or letters of credit will be issued. A full refund will be given if a class or workshop is canceled by the Master Art Studio or the class or workshop is filled before your registration is received. Refunds can be expected 3-4 weeks from the date requested.

Student Behavior 
The Master Art Studio reserves the right to dismiss any student for inappropriate behavior.

Instructor or model substitution
The Master Art Studio reserves the right to substitute instructors of an equal caliber for any class or workshop. The Master Art Studio also reserves the right to substitute life and portrait models for any reason.